Version 1.1m1

Lead Liaison release 1.1 milestone 1 adds support for lazy load tracking, proper controls based on editions, fixes with paypal payments and other fixes.

Please see a list of enhancements below.


  • [LL-202] - Paypal return script not working correctly when checking out purchasing credits
  • [LL-231] - Centering New Program and New Campaign popup in IE
  • [LL-235] - Campaign count resets after creating a new Program
  • [LL-239] - Success prompt on "Save and Exit" not formatted correctly
  • [LL-242] - New client setup and activation issues


  • [LL-192] - Integrating Editions including Controls and Permissions
  • [LL-193] - Integrating CDN [Tracking code via lazyload]
  • [LL-198] - "Create Program" should be "New Program" and show orange New Program popup when clicked
  • [LL-206] - Change name as "Connector" to other references to simplify UI
  • [LL-209] - Improve
  • [LL-210] - Add "Purchase Credits" line in customer's Administration Panel
  • [LL-228] - Clean up tracking code so each java script segment is on its own line
  • [LL-234] - Correct redirect pages in Campaign Manager and do not open in new tab
  • [LL-237] - Login username/pw not centered in IE
  • [LL-238] - Add icons to left menu of Company Overview page


  • [LL-161] - Add "Disable" radio button to admin panel and finalize customer activation process
  • [LL-227] - Describe customer on-boarding experience
  • [LL-229] - Finalize setup guide
  • [LL-230] - Sign our desktop applications - Streamer and Send & Track using the code signing certificate


  • [LL-226] - Even if "Enable CRM" is on in LL admin account only show " Connected" once the wizard is complete