Version 1.2m2


  • [LL-249] - Fix manual CRM syncing
  • [LL-253] - Referrer value shows links from customer's domain when page/tracking code not fully loaded
  • [LL-265] - Correct broken link on Install Package (CRM) page. Add notice icon in front of text.
  • [LL-266] - Sync visitors to popup not showing all Contacts
  • [LL-267] - Received warning when doing a manual sync
  • [LL-268] - Address not displaying correctly in
  • [LL-270] - Use correct business intelligence info when syncing leads to
  • [LL-273] - Leads are not auto-syncing to and online status not showing correctly on Staging server
  • [LL-274] - Leads from Send & Track and Connector showing up at the bottom of the list on My Leads page
  • [LL-278] - Calendar is missing buttons after integrating JSS/CSS files
  • [LL-282] - State lead filter not working correctly for California
  • [LL-288] - "Last Web Visit" value in getting recorded incorrectly
  • [LL-289] - Manual CRM sync does not add "Lead Liaison Marketing Data"
  • [LL-293] - When saving filter's with apostrophe a backslash is added
  • [LL-296] - JSS/CSS integration caused issue with "Save Search" popup
  • [LL-300] - Turning off ISP tracking not working correctly with Customer ID 11255
  • [LL-316] - Fix issue with lead source tagging for domain
  • [LL-317] - Fix broken links on Lead Report


  • [LL-211] - Add new landing page for the "Sales" tab allowing users to find prospects, companies and people from one interface
  • [LL-250] - Improve "Lead" column of My Leads page to link to person profile page
  • [LL-251] - Insert Send Email Campaign option and change design menu
  • [LL-255] - Performance enhancement - turn on gzip and integrate jss and css files
  • [LL-257] - Enable entry of multiple domains in the Lead Liaison admin interface
  • [LL-269] - Rename "Source" column in My Leads page to "Lead Source"
  • [LL-271] - Display "Add new Lead to CRM" expanded by default on load.
  • [LL-280] - Clicking icon on My Leads page should open new window - not load in the current tab
  • [LL-287] - Make sure any lead source we use is also available in's picklist under their standard field "lead source"
  • [LL-290] - Directly open page to edit selected filter
  • [LL-297] - New user interface for contact broker (trading, purchasing, searching professional contacts)
  • [LL-301] - Tag name should be linked and open tag window
  • [LL-303] - Set "Chat Rights" to No (off/disabled) for each user by default
  • [LL-304] - "Single login to connector" should not appear in manage user page if customer's account is not mapped to an email account
  • [LL-305] - When tracking ISPs is turned off, keep tracking known leads
  • [LL-311] - Enhanced ISP detection logic
  • [LL-314] - Show tag icon as green when there are notes
  • [LL-320] - Add Twitter shortening service to list of Social Media Lead Sources for Lead Source Tagging
  • [LL-322] - Improve look of success/error pages when activating an account
  • [LL-349] - Allow full search in the user/recipient drop down list

New Feature

  • [LL-212] - Add new iGoogle-like home page and "home icon" to user interface
  • [LL-219] - Lead profile display with social profiling
  • [LL-220] - Lead source tagging
  • [LL-233] - Add "Activity History" section underneath "Lead Liaison Profile" on person profile page
  • [LL-241] - Add "Reset Settings" to the My Leads page inside the Show/Hide Columns box
  • [LL-294] - Add domain name as a filter option
  • [LL-312] - Automatically identify visitors with automatic web form tracking using existing tracking code


  • [LL-254] - Work with UI team on redesign of Contact Broker (contact search) page
  • [LL-256] - Review code commenting requirements and phpDocumentor, begin commenting all code
  • [LL-277] - Write instructions to run Staging app completely independent from Production app
  • [LL-302] - Address STR-7
  • [LL-309] - Identify anything that needs corrected in our app before upgrading MySQL.


  • [LL-248] - Add "Company" tab inside Social Profile section of lead profile page.
  • [LL-299] - Open "Company Lookup", "Email Contacts" and any other popup in orange window.
  • [LL-321] - Feature does not support iFrames. Enhance this feature so that iFrames are supported. Make sure to create a test page on our development platform first.