Version 1.5


  • [LL-482] - Email subject name getting cutoff. Could it be because of the "-"?


  • [LL-342] - Add start time along with a SAVE and CLEAR button to maintenance mode script
  • [LL-591] - Make sure all items are being displayed over encrypted SSL in our email marketing application
  • [LL-814] - Improve functionality of operators with "does not"

New Feature

  • [LL-262] - Add native integration for Sales, called Lead Liaison Briefcase
  • [LL-471] - Add Lead Owner to Lead Profile Page
  • [LL-749] - Add a security permission for teams to not allow them to reassign leads.


  • [LL-771] - Implement memcached in small area (on prospects table) for performance gains


  • [LL-634] - 1) Update Lead Score pepper to not include 0 2) Resetting default briefcase settings