Version 1.4m2


  • [LL-398] - Fix for drag/drop functionality of iGoogle page that's broken in IE9
  • [LL-475] - System stopped playing a sound when a new lead comes in
  • [LL-487] - Fix bugs/issues in Web Forms and Landing Pages and finalize integration
  • [LL-488] - Fix issue that caused duplicate custom fields
  • [LL-489] - Fix bug in Landing Page Builder
  • [LL-495] - Lead Owner value doesn't show popup on Memberships and Prospects section
  • [LL-499] - Identified potential bug when trying to create a dynamic list of all our prospects
  • [LL-508] - Automation program didn't work
  • [LL-513] - Activity history bug! No activity history appearing in SFDC...why?
  • [LL-514] - Dynamic Target List not working
  • [LL-516] - Last Web Visit date?


  • [LL-454] - Create a "Lead Details" section on the Lead Profile page
  • [LL-457] - Simplify the "Advanced Settings (Optional)" section on Step 2 of Send and Email Campaign in Connector
  • [LL-461] - Notify customer admin if their connection fails due to invalid credentials
  • [LL-468] - When scheduling a Target List to "Once once / Immediately" the list needs to be created instantly so the user can see the results in real time
  • [LL-469] - Remove unnecessary Lead Liaison Standard Fields (i.e. "State 2")
  • [LL-472] - Improving the Notification Message on Automation
  • [LL-474] - If possible, merge email addresses to the same job if the email campaign and send time is the same
  • [LL-477] - Add the Show/Hide Advanced Settings box to our Schedule and Send page of Automations and Target Lists
  • [LL-492] - Tune Lead Source Tagging rules
  • [LL-494] - Header of orange popup for "Add to Target List" is incorrect
  • [LL-497] - Prompt on Save and Schedule page not needed
  • [LL-498] - Minor name change
  • [LL-501] - Add Type column to Memberships and Prospects pages & value at top of grid should match # of results
  • [LL-507] - Sort Program, Campaigns and Lists grid by Created column in descending order by default
  • [LL-509] - Instead of a drop down use a field for searching the lead source value
  • [LL-510] - Sort manage landing pages page by "Modify Date" column by default
  • [LL-511] - Better management of email bounces

New Feature

  • [LL-279] - Enhance the "Marketing" tab
  • [LL-470] - Displaying How Leads Get a Lead Score
  • [LL-480] - Add Accounts to CRM
  • [LL-512] - Add "Preview" to Step 1 of Automation and Target List tool and fill in Affected People on Schedule & Run page


  • [LL-481] - Hard code subdomain of customers email address in multiple places if "Enable Authentication with Lead Liaison" is used
  • [LL-500] - Assign all the leads who are assigned to the search terms campaigns to be modified to sync them with the current Search Terms campaign
  • [LL-515] - Implement script to avoid running overlapping scripts run by cron


  • [LL-232] - Replace buttons on web form designer interface
  • [LL-493] - Number of improvements with Landing Page Designer
  • [LL-502] - Drop down in Map rules section of web forms tool should have auto-lookup
  • [LL-503] - Our tool is not scanning an external web form correctly
  • [LL-504] - Text in wizard is not positioned correctly, longer than wizard step
  • [LL-505] - Change success message prompt when publishing a landing page
  • [LL-506] - Edit link opens Landing Page Designer in a new tab - should open in same tab