Version 1.4m1


  • [LL-443] - Fix drag/drop error on iGoogle-like page
  • [LL-446] - Fix two issues with "Find More Contacts..." link in emails
  • [LL-465] - My Leads page bug. Took forever to load and showed only todays results
  • [LL-466] - Sorting Favorites column by Yes/No doesn't work
  • [LL-473] - Search box on Add Condition boxes doesn't search when typing


  • [LL-376] - Buy signals alerts must still work if the root URL is added as an important page
  • [LL-440] - Improvement on Connector: 1) access from Staging 2) returning from Connector
  • [LL-442] - Enable setting in admin panel to use Jigsaw Sandbox environment (for evaluations and demos)
  • [LL-444] - Improve architecture of Campaign tracking, logging and reporting
  • [LL-447] - Add contact list details to Step 2, "Save and Schedule" page
  • [LL-451] - Update connector to use Lead Liaison fields
  • [LL-456] - Clean up the "Insert a Custom Field" screen when creating an email campaign

New Feature

  • [LL-402] - Add automation solution


  • [LL-441] - Study how to optimize mysql queries for high performance applications and write wiki page
  • [LL-449] - Sync ALL connector contact lists with LL lists
  • [LL-450] - Inspect version 6.1.2 interspire email marketer files and do analysis for upgrading from 6.0.2 to 6.1.2
  • [LL-459] - Implement "Apply Actions" on the selected list of leads from automation, which includes all actions marked in Phase 1
  • [LL-460] - Setup automation and target lists to run according to the "Save and Schedule" settings saved by the user
  • [LL-462] - Run scheduled automations according to the user's time zone
  • [LL-463] - Sync imported connector contacts to a Lead Liaison automation program if the connector list is synced to a Lead Liaison automation program
  • [LL-464] - Ensure automation process cron jobs do not overlap


  • [LL-420] - Implement the setup page
  • [LL-422] - Creating target lists
  • [LL-423] - Phase 1 - Configure Actions under Workflow Section
  • [LL-424] - Save and Schedule for Automation
  • [LL-426] - Phase 1 - Implement all items in the "Attributes section + Historical section" to select leads to be added to automation/target list.
  • [LL-427] - Phase 1 - Implement all items in the Historical section
  • [LL-430] - Phase 1 - Implement all the "Future Events" items including the Activities and the CRM sections
  • [LL-433] - Phase 1 - Implement all items in the CRM section of Future Events
  • [LL-445] - Integrate Target Lists and Automation on Campaign Manager with the appropriate steps in automation program and add left-hand design section into page
  • [LL-452] - Make all Lead Liaison fields (standard/custom) available when creating a new contact list in Connector
  • [LL-453] - Investigate sending options in Connector
  • [LL-455] - Inserting certain custom fields such as date and datetime fields are not formatted correctly
  • [LL-467] - Streamer stopped working