Version 1.6m1


  • [LL-857] - Client's Queues are not showing up in the drop down
  • [LL-872] - Higher priority automation actions were constantly running and preventing lower priority automation tasks from running. Actions were backing up and not completing.


  • [LL-850] - Improve message sent to new users when they are activated
  • [LL-856] - Run automation processes in the background to not keep the user waiting
  • [LL-875] - Please make sure the fields on the new user page allow enough characters - customer reported issue

New Feature

  • [LL-804] - Add Recycle Bin and deletion process for deleting mass records (automations, prospects, etc)
  • [LL-851] - Add "Visited Web Site" to the Filter Criteria > Historical Events
  • [LL-867] - Add setting: Allow lead distribution to the same user
  • [LL-871] - Add enhanced export capability to My Leads section


  • [LL-479] - Add Delete Lead components
  • [LL-819] - Replace ereg and session_register functions to resolve as they were deprecated in PHP warnings
  • [LL-855] - Resolve web form scanning which is not scanning correctly - IT installed Tidy


  • [LL-835] - Run script to delete Anonymous visitors and their activity when their create date is older than 1 year