Version 1.5m2


  • [LL-482] - Email subject name getting cutoff. Could it be because of the "-"?
  • [LL-764] - Issue on heat map for reporting
  • [LL-773] - Getting foreign characters on list of contact lists in connector
  • [LL-785] - Correct alignment of email message editor
  • [LL-803] - Customer reporting issues with automation process
  • [LL-807] - Resolve sending issues (multiple emails, inconsistent behavior and invalid bounce processing) reported by customer
  • [LL-808] - SFDC contact not syncing to Lead Liaison (could it be from 3 words in the name?)
  • [LL-812] - Finding some issues with connector (send in test mode and copying email list)
  • [LL-815] - Duplicate emails from automations with large contact lists


  • [LL-342] - Add start time along with a SAVE and CLEAR button to maintenance mode script
  • [LL-584] - Make changes to how we use LinkedIn on the Prospect Profile page
  • [LL-661] - Activating Target List (possibly Automation) hangs for a bit
  • [LL-694] - Address security/privacy issue - showing prospect profile for other customers prospects
  • [LL-741] - Time zone on last login should be in user's local timezone
  • [LL-776] - Rewrite maintenance mode process
  • [LL-792] - Immediately create Contact List name to avoid delay
  • [LL-798] - Noticed double line on the bottom of a box
  • [LL-802] - Allow insertion of all standard and custom fields into the Send Alert action

New Feature

  • [LL-471] - Add Lead Owner to Lead Profile Page
  • [LL-607] - Add unique download link per visitor to web forms
  • [LL-726] - Log all Actions and their status for a lead and display in Lead Liaison
  • [LL-748] - Improve management of new user setup process
  • [LL-780] - Improve the True, False drop down in Automation/Segmentation and include Empty


  • [LL-125] - Integrate memcached in a small test area on Staging and benchmark
  • [LL-675] - Move main database read queries from DB Write Server to DB Read Server
  • [LL-704] - Query optimization - prospects table and preview table
  • [LL-771] - Implement memcached in small area (on prospects table) for performance gains
  • [LL-796] - Reported issue on Tracking URL interface "freezing"
  • [LL-797] - Leads not getting distributed due to sync process failure after removing custom fields
  • [LL-805] - Change DB Read queries for Lead Liaison application and Paging app - Extension of LL-675