Version 1.6m2


  • [LL-894] - Bug in rules for Step 1?
  • [LL-902] - Investigate/resolve support ID GIL-317-37910
  • [LL-903] - Filters with field type "datetime" when it compares the prospects values -in date time-
  • [LL-906] - Company filter My Leads bug - Blacklist operation - Filter renaming


  • [LL-826] - Combine Buy Signals over past period
  • [LL-846] - Eliminate requirement to add irrelevant fields to Lead, Contact, Opportunity and Account Layouts
  • [LL-877] - Add a table with Filter count to the bottom of the User/Team Filters page
  • [LL-891] - Change name of success prompt after Step 1 (Configure Form) for external form scanning
  • [LL-895] - Remove "Memberships" link under Actions column on ll-campaigns.php page since the "Memberships" column is already linked
  • [LL-896] - Add setting to send notification to users when account is updated and improve email message and success prompt
  • [LL-904] - Do not allow save and add prompt when Wait/Suspend action added/saved to end of Automation with no actions after it

New Feature

  • [LL-816] - Option to Unsubscribe from All
  • [LL-858] - Add maximum leads someone can grab from hopper setting
  • [LL-882] - Allow multiple criteria to be added to individual conditions
  • [LL-883] - Show prompt for Activated Automations when users save Step 2
  • [LL-887] - Show a Distributed Lead Table and Log
  • [LL-898] - Automatically make someone available once they log in to Lead Liaison.