Version 1.6m1a


  • [LL-828] - Updating email address in SFDC causes issues with Dynamic Target List
  • [LL-829] - Saving "Domain for VMTA Selection:" has issues when setting up new customers
  • [LL-880] - Resolve Lead Distribution Issues


  • [LL-853] - Add a "Save" button to Automations and Segmentation
  • [LL-866] - Change description of Hopper Setting
  • [LL-873] - Add "Hourly" as a frequency option for Automations and Segmentation
  • [LL-874] - Only show Real-Time frequency option when specific filters are used in Step 1

New Feature

  • [LL-888] - Show Availability column in user table and add setting to mark someone as unavailable when they logout (automatically or manually)
  • [LL-890] - Add setting to automatically move Lead Liaison Prospects to the Recycle Bin after a Lead/Contact is deleted from SFDC (managed for merging too)