Version 1.9m3


  • [LL-854] - Get user productivity chart working right
  • [LL-1041] - Updating/changing emails in SF -> sync to contact lists (merge issue)


  • [LL-721] - Update the Campaign Name in Lead Liaison when an Email or Survey Campaign name is updated in Connector
  • [LL-1002] - Make "Add New" link show the New Campaign popup window
  • [LL-1038] - Change name in popup and show loading screen until grid loads
  • [LL-1042] - Add criteria under "Lead Filter" section for Lead Distribution User/Team Filters
  • [LL-1043] - Mark Prospects as Unassigned when CRM Lead Owner is not linked to a Lead Liaison Lead Owner

New Feature

  • [LL-1034] - Add graphs to Design tab


  • [LL-1013] - Clean up graphs under Analytics section
  • [LL-1015] - Critical issue with the Send Email Action. Sent Email Activity History is getting dropped
  • [LL-1035] - Investigate possibility of pre-filling an external form with Prospect fields