How to Get the Most out of Visitor Tracking

Get Comfortable with your View

Try these things out to experience the power of personalizing your data:

  1. Try the table view and visual view by clicking between the list and eye icon
  2. Set up new filters and explore the options
  3. Get comfortable with Org Types and classify a visitor to see how it works

Improve Conversions

Lead Liaison can boost conversions on your website - but not without taking some steps to tie in these methods. Without them, you'll rely on tracking businesses only. Lead Liaison provides a number of active methods to convert visitors (see graphic below). When a person is identified their activity, while anonymous, is connected to their present and future activity thereby creating a holistic profile of their interests. Identifying people is helpful for the following reasons:

  • When the prospect returns to your website sales can better time their follow up.
  • It makes it easy to tailor a salesperson's follow up as the prospect's interests and activities have been captured on their profile. You'll know what they looked at, how they engaged, and what they care about. Having relevant conversations will bolster the relationship. 

Integrate your Web Forms

Easily integrate web forms with Lead Liaison. Rename the name or ID fields as shown on this page. If the ID or name attributes cannot be changed then use our snippet of JS code to set the custom mapping as shown here.

Integrate Email Campaigns

Follow these directions to integrate your Clickback links with Lead Liaison. We suggest including email, company, and name attributes. We can also help you measure the true ROI of your investment in a 3rd party email system.

Add Email Plug-in

Add Send & Track for Outlook or Google here.

Create/Integrate Downloadable Content

Create content that “teaches” people something. Think about helping/teaching, and not selling, when you put together your content. Use Lead Liaison’s Trackable Content feature to identify most popular content pieces. 

Integrate Onsite Videos

Think about a video explainer, testimonial, or other forms of educational content that can be used on your site. Use Wistia for videos. See the Wistia and Lead Liaison press release for more information. With Wistia, you’ll get business-level analytics and conversion tools, all of which are integrated with Lead Liaison, for better lead conversion and analytics. More info here.

Improve Sales & Marketing Collaboration

Add Notifications for Sales

  • Go to Users > All Users, click the gear and choose Alerts. Enable the Daily Lead Report for all relevant users. Consider setting up filters for each user and making the filter your Primary Filter so the user only sees what they care about.

  • Setup Fulfillment Actions to notify sales of visits to the most important web pages. 

Better Organize and Find Prospects for Sales

Develop an internal process around the data. Use our Org Type feature to categorize key prospective companies. Once identified, use our ZoomInfo integration (added investment) to find key contacts to send to sales.

Enrich Data for Better Insight

Enable social append.

Measure Marketing ROI

Use Reports > ROI > Lead Source / Campaign to identify which lead sources and campaigns produce the most leads for your business. ADLI could also get more insight into return on their Google Analytics campaigns (links with UTM parameters), as explained here.

What's Next?

Use Marketing Automation to:

  • Nurture prospects on behalf of sales

  • Automate one-to-many posting on social media

  • Run static/dynamic segmentations to have continual lists built of the hottest prospects that meet specific criteria

  • Better qualify prospects through advanced lead scoring

  • Development of web forms and landing pages without the need to involve IT

  • Run sophisticated targeting and retargeting campaigns

  • Run responsive marketing campaigns

  • Automate their GoToWebinar event 1x per year

  • Build and send sophisticated emails with full tracking, all in one integrated source

  • Send multi-channel marketing campaigns using best practices for B2B sales (5 to 7 touches, using a combination of email, postcards, handwritten letters, text messages, and more).

  • Develop stronger marketing ROI

  • Capture and convert more visitors through compelling offers (SiteEngage) with engagement windows / popups

  • Build surveys for customers and prospects


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