Personal email domains are domains that can be added to Lead Liaison and used for other purposes throughout the platform. One primary purpose is to optionally block web form submissions from personal domains. Lead Liaison adds a set of personal email domains by default. Existing domains can be removed or edited at any time. New domains may also be added. 

Default Personal Email Domains

Lead Liaison adds the following Personal Domains to each account by default:

  1. @aol.com
  2. @gaweb.com
  3. @gmail.com
  4. @gmx.com
  5. @hotmail.com
  6. @inbox.com
  7. @msn.com
  8. @yahoo.com
  9. @ymail.com

Adding, Editing and Deleting Existing Personal Domains

To add a personal domain do the following:

To edit or delete a personal domain do the following:

Blocking Form Submissions from Personal Email Domains

See the directions here for more information.