What are Purchase Credits?

Lead Liaison uses purchase credits as a payment method for certain services. You need Purchase Credits in your account for

You do not need to buy Purchase Credits in advance for Transcription services, but you must have a card on file to pay monthly invoices. 

Identifying How Many Purchase Credits you Have

To determine how many Purchase Credits you have do the following:

You must have administrative rights to view your Purchase Credits. Contact your company's Lead Liaison Administrator if you need this information.

  1. Login to Lead Liaison.
  2. Click Settings > Account > Status.
  3. Locate the Purchase Credits field.

Adding a Credit Card

To buy Purchase Credits, you will need to add a credit card to your account. To add a credit card,

Editing Your Cards

You can update your card information after adding the card. To edit your card information,

If you wish to remove the card without replacing it, contact accounting@leadliaison.com. 

Buying Purchase Credits

Once you've added a credit card, you can buy purchase credits. To buy purchase credits,

One Purchase Credit is equal to $1USD. You can add Purchase Credits in increments of .01 with a minimum of 1 Purchase Credit.

Reviewing Purchase Credits

You can review your Purchase Credit transactions to see when credits are added and used. To review Purchase Credits,

Use the search icon in the top-left of the screen to search by transaction type, process type, or user.