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Photo Booth only works on the iOS version of the Captello mobile app. For Android or other devices, launch the Activation in web view.


Slice is a game similar to Fruit Ninja, where players earn points & prizes by slicing fruits and other objects.

This game can be played in both Prize and Leaderboard modes.

Like other activations, you can customize the game with your own brand logo, background image as well as custom Items, cursor and sounds etc.


Items are objects that are thrown from side or upwards. The player will need to either slice or avoid the items. Items are displayed at the start of the game along with their points:


For each item, the following configurations are available:

  • Image: The image for the object

  • Size: The width and height of the object

  • Point: Points received for slicing this item, Points can be positive, negative, or zero.

  • Hitting Probability: Probability of hitting this item. Probability can be any value from 0 to 100.

  • Explode: This setting varies based on the Game Mode. In the Lives Game Mode, a life will be taken away each time the item is sliced. In the Timer Game Mode, an explosion effect will occur when the item is sliced. 

  • Sounds: Sound played when the item moves on the screen.

  • Sounds on slice: Sound played when the item is sliced.

Game Modes

  • Lives - Players will have the specified number of lives when playing the game. Each time an item marked with Explode is sliced, a life will be taken away.
    In this mode, you can set the number of lives as well as the lives image. This image will appear on the top right side of the game. We suggest uploading an image of an item with the Explode value ticked to help the player understand which items to avoid slicing. If more than one item is selected with Explode, include all items within this image. Recommended image dimensions are 1686 pixels (width) × 1686 pixels (height).

  • Timer - Players will get a specified time to slice as many objects as possible.

Allow Combo Bonus Points

Players receive these points for slicing multiple items at once. For this option, you can define your combos and the number of additional points for slicing the combo.


Here you can set the Min and max speeds for throwing items upwards. Increasing the speed throwing an item up higher. Minimum speed from 0 to 5. Maximum from 0 to 10. Suggested min speed is 4 and max speed is 8 for best game experience.

Side Throw Speed

Here you can control the Min and max speeds for throwing items to the side. Minimum speed from 0 to 5. Maximum from 0 to 10.


Image used to replace the cursor (optional). Recommended image dimensions are 400 pixels (width) × 400 pixels (height).

Prize Probability

Certain games support prizes with different chances to win. For example, in a Slot Machine game, you can add a minor prize with a 99% chance of winning, a bigger prize with a .9% chance, and a grand prize with .1%.