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View, edit, or remove devices by navigating to Settings > Integrations App Setup > Events > Devices. 

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  • User– user associated with the device
  • Username– username associated with the device
  • Groups– number of groups the device is in; click to view
  • Type– type of mobile device used
  • Date Joined– date the device was activated
  • Status– device statuses; Pending (device not authenticated), Active (device authenticated and ready to use), Disabled (device authenticated but disabled in Lead Liaison)


End users access the mobile app through an invitation. The invitation contains an authentication code the user will user to activate their device. 

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Individual Invitations


You can send Invitations to many users at once using Bulk Invitations. To send a Bulk Invitation

  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations App Setup > DevicesEvents
  • Click on the Invitations tab
  • Use the drop-down menu in the top-right to download the Bulk Invite CSV Template


If a user loses their authentication code, admins or other profiles with the right permission can retrieve them. To retrieve the code

  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations > DevicesApp Setup> Events
  • Click on the Invitations tab
  • Use the Search icon to find the right user
  • Click on the Eye symbol below their name to reveal the code. 


Once a user has activated their device, you can edit their device settings using the action menu on the right in Settings > App Setup > Integrations Events > Devices.

Use the trashcan icons to delete the device from your system. Deleting a device will also prevent the user from accessing the mobile app.