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Each type of nurturing is described below:

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1:1 Lead Nurturing (Nurturing for Sales)

titleVisibility for Sales

Lead nurturing processes created with "Type = Just for sales" are the only nurturing processes visible from the Nurturing tab of the Prospect Profile, within a CRM such as, and from the Briefcase page Hot Leads Dashboard (clicking the plant for nurturing). All other types will not be visible from these areas.

Sales people are busy and often times struggle keeping in touch with prospects/customers. Unfortunately, many new leads slip through the cracks. With Lead Liaison's nurturing for sales processes marketers can pre-configure lead nurturing tracks and for sales can to drop prospects or customers into the tracks configured by marketing. To setup set up a lead nurturing process for sales do the following:


  • In Step 2, Schedule and Run, click the Activate button to make the lead nurturing process live. Alternatively, choose "On this date/time" from the Frequency drop down. 
  • In the last step make sure to select Share with Sales
  • To build an email marketing list containing each member added to the nurturing process by sales click the "Show Advanced Settings" link and check the "Build List" checkbox. 

How Does Sales Nurture?

Sales people Salespeople can add prospects or customers to the nurturing process(es) that marketing creates by doing one of the following three things:

  1. Going to a Prospect Profile page, clicking the Nurture tab, and adding the prospect to the nurturing campaign using the left-hand section. 
  2. Clicking the Nurture tab inside your CRM and adding the prospect to the nurturing campaign using the left-hand section. 
  3. Clicking the plant icon under the Actions column from within Briefcase Hot Prospects

Targeted Lead Nurturing 

Nurturing a target audience applies a series of nurturing actions to a select segment of your database. Nurturing a target audience helps sales and marketing teams send relevant communication select groups of people. To nurture a segment of your database do the following:

  • Click New Automation

  • Enter a Name for your lead nurturing process.
  • Select the Campaign to add the nurturing process to. When a prospect clicks a link in an email from the nurturing process a campaign touch will be recorded. Assigning the nurturing process to a Campaign is optional. 
  • Select Property
  • Enter a description in the Description section
  • Click the Save button
  • A two step process appears. The two steps are to define the actions for the nurturing process and schedule/run it. 
  • In Step 1, Define Actions, Lead Liaison gives you a jump start by adding a few actions to the process:


Responsive lead nurturing may be used to add prospects into an automation when specific events happen. For example, when a Prospect watches a video or downloads a document. In the example below, we'll apply a series of actions on a Prospect when they download our datasheet. Responsive lead nurturing is setup using a behavioral automation.