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Lead Liaison provides support through a ticketing systemIntercom. There are several advantages to creating a support ticket. When you create a ticket your inquiry will havecontacting us via Intercom such as:

  • Better tracking (ticket ID, reply trail)
  • Visibility of the ticket across different levels of support (not just one person)
  • Support around the clock, across different time zones
  • Accountability on our side to respond according to the commitment in our service agreement

Tickets can be created in three ways:



The Support Portal is a single area where users can watch support videos, submit a support ticket, open up a new conversation with our support team or view documentation.

What to Provide Support?

We're able to respond to your inquiry much faster when detailed information is provided.  Please include the following where applicable:


Accessing the Support Portal

To access the Support Portal click the question mark on the top right of the application as shown below:

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Overview of the Support Portal

The diagram below illustrates the various areas of the Support Portal. 


You can contact our support team in the following ways:

  1. By going to the support portal at
  2. By logging into Lead Liaison, clicking the help icon (Support Portal) on the top right then clicking the Intercom chat icon at the bottom right of the next page:

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  3. By emailing us at