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  • Single Line Text – a single line of text mappable to text fields like Company or Job title
  • Number – numerical value mappable to numerical fields like Number of Employee
  • Paragraph Text – a large text field mappable to any paragraph fields like Description.
  • Checkboxes – multiple-choice selection allowing multiple answers
  • Radio Buttons – multiple-choice selection allowing a single answer
  • Drop Down – drop-down menu of pre-defined choices
  • Boolean – true/false checkbox field
  • Name– single-line text field mapped to First Name and Last Name
  • Date– field that inserts current date
  • Time– field that inserts current time
  • Phone– field mapped to Work Phone
  • Address– fields mapped to Street Address, Street Address 2
  • Web Site– single-line field mapped to Website
  • Price– numerical fields for currency fields like Budget
  • Email– single-line text field mapped to Email
  • Section Break– divider between field groupings
  • Page Break– adds multiply pages to the form and changes "Submit" to "Next" on all but the last page.
  • File Upload – allows user to upload files such as PDFs, sheets, or documents
  • Documents – allows users to share selected documents (or e-literature) after a form submission. The process for adding documents is the same as for the event form outlined here.

Field Properties

Each field has its own properties. Once you have placed a field, click on it to edit its properties. Depending on the field type, you will see different options. Below is a list of standard properties followed by field-specific properties