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If your users cannot access the Google Play Store, Android users may download our APK directly to install. The user must give their device permission to install from unknown sources. Click below to access the appropriate APK.



Currently Apple does not allow for similar side-loading methods on iOS or iPadOS devices. If you need to side load on an iOS or iPadOS device, please contact Lead Liaison support for more options.


The operations section has the automatic upload option. By default, automatic upload is enabled. While it is enabled, GoCapture!™ Captello will automatically push new prospects to the Lead Liaison platform. If you prefer to review submissions before sending them off, turn this toggle off. 


A: Links are included in your invitation email, but you can also search the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for “GoCapture!”“Captello”

Q: I don’t have an invitation code. Where do I get one?


Q: I scanned a badge but instead of contact data, I just see the word "scanned" in every field?

A: Your device was unable to connect to the event organizer's API. Typically this is either due to connectivity issues or the organizer's API getting too many requests. GoCapture!™ Captello will store the submission and try again the next time it syncs.