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  • When setting up your Lead Liaison Connector, you'll be able to select which recurring payment plans you want to support. The plan format will be added to Stripe as: LL_PLAN_INTERVAL_CustomerID_AccountID where the INTERVAL could be:
    • DAILY
    • WEEKLY
      • For example: LL_PLAN_YEARLY_11238_7
  • Next, setup a webhook in Stripe that will send Lead Liaison a notification each time a billing occurs. To setup your webhook, do the following in your Stripe account:

Viewing Payment Plan Transactions in Stripe

In the example below, we created a Lead Liaison form with a Plan Type of Gateway, and used the "Test Plan 3" plan, a preconfigured plan from Stripe. 

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Stripe Test Plan 3 summary inside Stripe:

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Once the form is submitted we can see all subscriptions, including trials and active payments, inside Stripe as shown below:

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Cancelling Payment Plan Transactions in Lead Liaison

To cancel a Stripe Payment Plan from within Lead Liaison do the following:

  • Navigate to Settings > App Setup > Payments 
  • Find your plan and click the down arrow to the right
  • Select Cancel Recurring Billing

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