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titleDefault Setting

This setting is turned off by default.

Lead Liaison associates a Lead Liaison Prospect to a Lead or Contact by email address. For select installations, this may introduce new challenges since allows new Leads/Contacts to be created with any email address even if other Leads/Contacts have the same email address. To work around this,   it may be necessary to link a Lead Liaison Prospect to the most recent Lead/Contact created with the same email address. Lead Liaison provides a "Link to Most Recent SFDC Record" setting which can be turned on and will do two things when enabled:

  1. Renew the association between a Lead Liaison Prospect and a Lead/Contact with the same email address when a new Lead/Contact is created in with the same email address. The original association will be removed and a new association will be established to the with the most recent create date. 
  2. Migrate the "Lead Liaison Marketing Data" and "Lead Liaison" sections (if added to your Lead/Contact layout) from the original association to the new association as defined in #1 above.