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  • [LL-306] - Chat inadvertently popping up - run repeat test cycle using multiple websites


  • [LL-391] - Track company name using domain name of email address and hoover's lookup where appropriate
  • [LL-409] - Support for Picklist (Multi-Select) data types
  • [LL-417] - SFDC improvements: 1) Correct missing standard fields 2) Correct issue between Numbers & Decimals Data Types 3) Correct other issues
  • [LL-418] - Improve admin settings page
  • 419] - Error trying to create new CRM lead

New Feature

  • [LL-413] - Option to change Lead Owner when removing User(s)


  • [LL-404] - Generate schema for MySQL databases: "leadliaison" and "connector"


  • [LL-324] - Improve tracking ISPs submitting webforms, when not submitting company and extract country, state and city info from IP address258] - Add Tracking URLs feature for better ROI analysis