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Lead Liaison tracks all Known and Unknown (Anonymous) website visitors. A Known visitor is someone with a name or email address associated with them. Everyone in Lead Liaison, whether Known or Unknown, is a Prospect. Unlike some CRM systems which use Leads/Contacts to describe people, we use one word - Prospects. 


We use cookeis to help track visitors from one visit to another. Many browsers have begun blocking third-party cookies. For the best experience, you can use our Privacy settings to encourage Prospects to opt-in to cookies. When they opt in to cookies, they ensure they get the most relevant content to them.

Connecting Past to Present


Occasionally a situation may occur where you're communicating with someone, call them Prospect A, and then they leave the company. Suppose your communications to Prospect A doesn't stop but the emails sent to Prospect A are forwarded to Prospect A's manager, Prospect B. If Prospect B clicks a link in the email sent to Prospect A all activity will be tracked as if the person is Prospect A, until an email is sent to Prospect B's email address and Prospect B clicks a link in that email. When this situation occurs try to send a mass email, nurture email or Send & Track email to Prospect B to get them to convert which will re-cookie their machine and overwrite the original cookie containing Prospect A's information with a new cookie containing Prospect B's information. When that happens all future activity from Prospect B will be tracked and recorded under Prospect B's profile.