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ActivityDefault Lead Score
Email Open+0
Autoresponder Open+0
Clicked a Link in Email+25
Responded to Send & Track Email+25
Web Form Submission+50
Website Visit+10
Page View+1
Social Post Click+10
Had Chat+50
Chat Declined-50
Video Played+20
Watched More Than 75%+50
Video Conversion+100
Document Download+100
Marked as Spam-500
Event (Register)+100
Event (Attend)+200
Event (No Show)-100
3P Link Click+25
Sales Email Open+5
Clicked a Link in Sales Email+25
Made a Payment+100
Made a Donation+100
Dialog View+10
Dialog Conversion+50
Dialog Close-25


Changing the Default Lead Score


To view a Prospect's lead score from the Prospect Profile page click the Score tab , select "Score" from the dropdown on the Prospect Profile page

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From Visitors

To see the details of a lead score and how the score was calculated click the lead score value under the Score column on the Visitors page.

titleColor Codes

The lead score value on the Visitors page is color coded based on your settings under the Lead Score box on the Prospect Profiling page. Blue is for a Cold lead, yellow is for a Warm lead and red is for a Hot lead. To change your lead score thresholds go to Settings > App Setup > Lead Qualification > Lead Scoring and change the sliding scale.


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