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Use Reports > ROI > Lead Source / Campaign to identify which lead sources and campaigns produce the most leads for your business. ADLI could also get more insight into return on their Google Analytics campaigns (links with UTM parameters), as explained here.


What's Next?

Use Marketing Automation to:

  • Nurture prospects on behalf of sales

  • Automate one-to-many posting on social media

  • Run static/dynamic segmentations to have continual lists built of the hottest prospects that meet specific criteria

  • Better qualify prospects through advanced lead scoring

  • Development of web forms and landing pages without the need to involve IT

  • Run sophisticated targeting and retargeting campaigns

  • Run responsive marketing campaigns

  • Automate their GoToWebinar event 1x per year

  • Build and send sophisticated emails with full tracking, all in one integrated source

  • Send multi-channel marketing campaigns using best practices for B2B sales (5 to 7 touches, using a combination of email, postcards, handwritten letters, text messages, and more).

  • Develop stronger marketing ROI

  • Capture and convert more visitors through compelling offers (SiteEngage) with engagement windows / popups

  • Build surveys for customers and prospects