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titleSupported Devices

Rapid Scan for business cards is supported on iOS devices only. Android support is coming soon.

Group Scan

You can capture multiple leads from the same group or company with the Group Scan feature. Multiple people can be scanned in rapid succession. The first person scanned is always the primary person for the group. All data from the primary person’s submission, besides their contact information, is copied to every other person in the group. When enabled, the standard badge scan button will be split into two buttons, with the smaller group scan button off to the right.

 All survey responses, notes, questions and follow up documentation settings will apply to the entire group. To enable Group Scan as an option, turn on the  toggle in the Settings tab of the Scanner element.

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Here is a quick video overview:

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Audio Recorder

Use the audio recorder to take audio notes. In addition to recording audio, users can also save time from typing text notes by using Lead Liaison's audio transcription feature.