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With the Schedule Meeting option, you can insert a meeting scheduler to the event form for your team to book one on one meetings with the Prospects.

You can also select from the list of available users to schedule the meetings forspecific users and meetings.

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If you select specific user, you will have the option to select from all available meeting types for that user and book a time on the calendar:

However, if you select specific meetings then only the selected meetings will be available on the form. For example, if you select a user's 30 minutes meeting type then the app will show only that option. You can also choose multiple specific meetings from the list.

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Use this feature to share documents (or e-literature) during your event. Documents can be previewed and shared outside of the form or selected during form submission and added to an email for follow up. Documents are uploaded to the system and grouped into Document Groups. One or more Document Groups can be included in your event lead capture form. 


Note: If Block Submissions is turned ON then you cannot save the event form unless at least one of the above blocking methods is enabled.

Submission Actions

You can collect a lead rating at the time of capturing the lead information. Four different rating options are available i.e. 

Collect Rating: Prompts the user to select a rating after a new lead is submitted.

 : The default value selected for the rating once a lead is submitted.