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  • Individual Invitations – Send an authorization code for personal use. This option allows you to identify the individual who has captured the lead and should be your default option. Send Individual invitations through Email, SMS, or both.
  • Universal Invitations – Send an authorization code for multiple users to use. This option will not let you identify the individuals capturing leads. This option is best for people who don't normally work with you, like vendors, temp workers, or third parties assisting you at your event. When selecting

Admin level users can also send new invitations or check Auth Codes from the Captello mobile app directly. Read here for more details.


Reminders help users activate their mobile app. If they have not logged in after a set amount of time, we will send them a reminder email with their Authentication code.


If a user loses their authentication code, admins or other profiles with the right permission can retrieve them. To retrieve the code

  • Navigate to Events to Events > Capture > Invitations
  • Use the Search icon to find the right user
  • Click on the Eye symbol below their name to reveal the code. 


Note: If Block Submissions is turned ON then you cannot save the event form unless at least one of the above blocking methods is enabled.

Submission Actions

The following submission actions are available:


You can collect a lead rating at the time of capturing the lead information. Four different rating options are available i.e. 


Captured rating information is also available on the event results page for each captured lead:

Personal Email Addresses


Add to Automations

This action prompts the user to add to Automations after a new lead is submitted. You can choose multiple Automations which will be available on the app for selection.

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Add to Rhythms

This action prompts the user to add to Rhythms after a new lead is submitted. You can choose multiple Rhythms which will be available on the app for selection.

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This is how these actions will display on the mobile app:

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Fetch Related Prospects

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Using this option, you can find other related Prospects through our DataSpring feature. This prompts the user to search for related contacts after a new lead is captured. Prospects are fetched using your selected Search Criteria and the related company name or domain name from DataSpring to find and source the specified number of records. Related Prospects are saved in your database as a new Prospect record.

Use case: Suppose you are exhibiting at a tradeshow and meets Janice, the Director of Marketing at Philips Medical. The staff member scans Janice’s badge, fills out a custom form to collect data that’s meaningful to your business, then submits the lead. The staff member is prompted to optionally find other qualified marketing contacts at Philips Medical. The other contacts are automatically found by setting up a filter to find anyone with “Marketing” in their title and located in the United States or Europe. The additional contacts get saved into your database for later follow up and/or nurturing.

Search Criteria

Here you can select from pre-saved DataSpring search criteria. Instructions on creating/saving a new search criteria is available here.

You can use the Max Prospects setting to limit the number of records that can be pulled in from a DataSpring search. If a record was already purchased in DataSpring (using any method) then it will be skipped. For example, if Max Prospects is 5 and 3 records were already purchased in DataSpring (even from a direct search) then 2 additional records will be purchased.

Viewing Fetched Prospects

You can view the prospects you have added from the Fetch Prospects action from the Events Dashboard. When on the dashboard, you need to select your specific event that has had Fetch enabled as the target dashboard to be viewing. You will see a box for Related Prospects which shows how many have been fetched, and allow you to view those prospects.

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DataSpring  search feature requires a  Sales Enablement license. Contact your Account Manager for more information about licensing.

This option allows you to enrich leads with information from social networks. Information such as gender, age, profile photo, and more are added to the captured record.

Personal Email Addresses

You can block personal email addresses. For example, you may not want to process leads who have a or email address. You can also use this function to block specific email domains (a competitor's email domain, for example). To block personal email domains,


Once you've completed the Template, you can add a Fulfillment Action to it. The Fulfillment Action will apply to every Event created from the template. See below for more on Fulfillment Actions.

Fulfillment Actions

You can add a fulfillment action to any device form. Fulfillment actions are one-step, instant automatic actions performed the moment a form submission comes in. You might add a tag with the event's name to the prospect profile, send the prospect to a deeper nurture automation, or use a webhook to send a text message thanking the attendee for their time. 

To add a fulfillment action, use the drop-down menu in the action menu to the right of the form. There are two three options available:

  • Actions (Form Fields) - This will trigger based on the value of a given form field.
  • Actions (Submission) - This will trigger on every new form submission.
  • Actions (Doc Request) - This will trigger when prospect submits a form and selects a Document.

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In the Fulfillment Action pop-up window, use the drop down menu to select your desired action.