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Tasks represent the activities you perform while working with a Prospect, Organization, or Deal. OneFocus™ has a variety of included Tasks and supports custom Task creation. Your organization may track the number and type of tasks you complete per week, so make sure you review this ideology with your sales manager. 

Creating a New Task

Individual Tasks

Like Notes, you can associate a Task with Prospects, Organizations, and Deals. Add new Tasks by using the New Task button in the Quick Menu, or by using the Task Panel on a profile page.


The bottom row lets you set the due date, time, and estimated duration of the Task. Set the priority of the Task with the drop-down menu to low, medium, or high. Finally, if you have the correct security permissions, you can assign the Task to yourself or another user.

Task Groups

A collection of Tasks is called a Task Group. Task Groups can be initiated using automation, and serve as an efficient way to streamline process within your organization. To create a Task Group do the following:

  • Navigate to Setup > App Setup > CRM > Task Groups.
  • Click the New button and provide a Name and Description (optional). 
  • Add Tasks into the Task Group using the options on the Task Group and choosing Add Task as shown below:

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  • Once your Tasks are created you can view them by clicking on the number under the Tasks column. In the popup, you can add more Tasks, Delete Tasks, or edit each Task. 

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  • Once your Task Group is ready, the Tasks in the Tasks group will be created when the Task Group is triggered. An Add Task Group action is available in automations (both Fulfillment Actions and Automation). In the example below we invoke the Add Task Group action from a Fulfillment Action when a form is submitted. 

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Completing Tasks