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The action bar at the top of the Task Manager allows you to mass complete or delete Tasks by using the checkbox to select Tasks and using the Actions drop-down menu. You can also search Task fields by clicking on the search icon. The Priority drop-down menu will sort Tasks by priority. The Owner drop-down menu will sort Tasks by lead prospect owner. By default, users in the Sales or Marketing security profiles will profiles will only see their own Tasks. Managers and admins can see any user's Tasks.

The orange Start button will open opens the Task Wizard. 

Using the Task Wizard

The Task Wizard is a one-stop place for users to complete their daily Tasks. It provides information relevant to each Task, including past Task history and Prospect/Organization information. By working within the Task Wizard, you can access many of Lead Liaison's sales and marketing features without ever having to leave one screen.

  1. Sorting optionsNavigation buttons
  2. Task window
  3. Prospect/Organization/Deal Timeline
  4. Prospect/Organization/Deal Profile


Navigation Buttons

Like in the main Task Wizard, you can sort Tasks by both due date and Task Type. The total number of Tasks selected are shown in the top-left corner of the screen. By clicking the left and right scroll buttons, you can move through the Tasks in your current selection. Once you have worked through all of the selected Tasks, you will return to the Task Manager main menu.


When you add a note to a Task, it will appear in the Timelines of the Prospect, Organization, and Deal associated with the Task. You can add as many notes as you wish in one sitting.

The Complete button has two options: Complete and Complete + New. Use the drop-down menu to select either option. The Task Wizard will use the selected option until you change it again.


The Timelines section shows you all activities associate associated with the Prospect, Organization, or Deal associated with the Task. Activities can be both from Automations and from manual entry. Automation actions might include filling out a web form, clicking links, and opening emails. Manual activities include taking notes and adding tasks such as calls, emails, and meetings. You can filter the timeline using the two drop-down menus located in the top-right corner of this section.


You can use the Take Action button to perform a variety of actions without having to navigate back to the main platform. This options option is only available on the Prospect Profile.