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  • ll_chat_integration.process_track_chat_invite(‘jivo’);
  • ll_chat_integration.process_track_chat_decline(‘jivo’);
  • ll_chat_integration.process_track_chat_start(‘jivo’);
  • ll_chat_integration.process_track_chat_end(‘jivo’);
  • ll_chat_integration.process_track_chat_conversion(‘jivo’, contact_info);

titleContact Info Object

For the contact_info variable passed to the function, it should be in the format below. Name or email is required:

var contact_info = {
Prospect_FullName : “John Smith”,
Prospect_Email : “”,
Prospect_WorkPhone : “1234567890”,
Prospect_Comments : “Some comments”

If you have chat software you'd like to integrate with Lead Liaison, then contact your Lead Liaison Representative with details.