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  • Accept - the system will create a duplicate submission for the same Prospect. This could result in a different number of total submissions vs total unique Prospects.
  • Reject - the system will reject the duplicate, leaving the submission Blocked on the user's device.
  • Edit - the app will open the previous submission and give the user the option to edit.
  • Merge - the system will merge duplicate submissions with the first submission. Click settings to determine field-level settings (overwrite, ignore, update if empty.)

Block Submissions

This option allows you to block submissions from domains and emails. When this option is enabled, you can block submission using the following options:


  • Mobile device submissions - When enabled, you can specify a message to show when the submission is blocked. Default is "Form not submitted."
  • Web view submissions - When enabled, system will not accept web view submissions. With this option, you can either show an error message or you can add a redirect URL. If you choose a Redirect to URL then you can also specify whether you'd like to record the submission in the backend. This is controlled by enabling or disabling the "Accept submissions" option.

Note: If Block Submissions is  If Block Submissions is turned ON then you cannot save the event form unless at least one of the above blocking methods is enabled.

Personal Email Addresses

You can block personal email addresses. For example, you may not want to process leads who have a or email address. You can also use this function to block specific email domains (a competitor's email domain, for example). To block personal email domains,